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What’s In My Bag? COS Edition

What's in my bag? - Belinda Lyone Edition

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Have you ever wondered what’s in your boss’ bag? What are your boss’ daily essentials? Here at COS we decided to find out by asking Belinda Lyone, COS executive to reveal her bag’s contents in COS’ edition of ‘What’s In My Bag’. In the video Belinda shares why each of these items are important, not just as an executive, or business woman but also as a mother. These items are the fundamentals for any bag.

The items in Belinda’s bag are:

Notebook in Belinda's Bag

COS A5 200pg Hardcover Book Lilac

Stockcode: BOOK9410

Stay colourful and cool with these great handbag sized notebooks. You’ll never miss an opportunity to jot down an idea on the move.

Highlighters for Belinda's Video

Muru Assort Stubby Recycled Highlighter

Stock Code: HIGH8408

Make things clear by using these Muru® Group highlighters. With every purchase of a Muru® product direct social and economic support is given to Indigenous families throughout Australia.

Comsol Power Adapter

Comsol Power Bank – Single 2600mAh

Stock Code: DATA7000

Is your phone always running out of power when you’re on the go? Don’t worry this Comsol Power Bank is the solution for you.

Nurofen Tablets

Stock Code: FIRST1034

It’s always handy to have some Nurofen Tablets in your bag just in case of emergency. You never know when a headache will arise unexpectedly.

Kleenex Facial Tissue 4 Ply 9 Sheet

Stock Code: TISS4706E

Winter is here and you never know when you’ll need a packet of tissues to save your nose from running.

Aqium Hand Sanitiser

Aquiml Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel 70ml

Stock Code: SOAP0052

In order to not spread germs this winter you should keep a hand sanitiser in your bag. Check out our fast fact blog Health Tips For Work During Winter for more tips on how to stay healthy this winter.

Band-Aid Character Strips – Mickey Mouse

Stock Code:  FIRST1166

These band-aids are perfect to keep kids smiling or even bring a little quirky humour into your life if you’re accident prone.

Lip Balm Belinda's Video

Sunsense Glide-On 50+ Lip Balm 15g

Stock Code: FIRST3098

This lip balm won’t just keep your lips moist and hydrated but will also give your lips the complete sun protection they need.

Water Belinda's Bag

Thankyou Spring Water Bottle 600ml

Stock Code: WATE1091

Thankyou Water sourced from Australian springs, contributes to providing safe drinking water to someone in need. Hydrate and help others.

Post it note flag what's in my bag

Post-it Mini Flags Brights Assorted

Stock Code: POST6126

These post it notes are perfect for colour coding and making ideas stand out. They can act as a reminder or to help you find information quickly in a meeting.

Verbatim Pinstripe USB 8GB Hot Pink

Stock Code: DRIV1584

On Belinda’s keys is a Verbatim USB, highly useful if you’re on the move and you need to transfer information quickly. By keeping this item on your keys, means that it will always be on hand.

Pen In Belinda's Bag

Artline Flow Ballpoint Plus Stylus Blue

Stock Code: BALL4806

If you have a great idea or plan for your business you’ll need a pen to write it down with. This pen also has a stylus, this means the other end of the pen can used instead of your finger for your touch phone or device.

Harvest Box Power Mix 45g

Stock Code: SNAC1032

Choose the healthy option with this gluten free nut power mix. The perfect and healthy energy boost that you’ll need during a long day at work.

Verbatim Apple Dual Port USB 32GB GOLD

Stock Code: DRIV1272

This device will save you plenty of time by connecting your phone to any backup device with a USB port, especially if you need to back up your phone or other apple device quickly.

If you’re missing these items from your bag or briefcase you’re missing out on some great opportunities. Check out all the items and many more at Tweet at us  using the hashtag #inmybag to tell us what’s in your bag!