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Top Tech Product Picks for 2017

Top Tech Products

The future has well and truly arrived, and with it a host of amazing new technology that not only improves the way we do business, but also the way we live our day to day lives. At COS we are passionate about the world of tech, and so we are forever looking for new and exciting products to showcase. Today, we thought we’d throw together a list of our Top Tech Products for 2017!

3D Printers

Is there anything more fascinating than 3D Printing? The Makerbot range offers practical applications for both professional and educational settings. To see Makerbot in action check out these videos outlining it’s applications in education as well as professionally.

To view the range available at COS click here.



It’s hard to remember a time before smart devices isn’t it? What did we do with all that free time? Our pick for this year is the HP Elite X3 Desktop Bundle, with this product you get a neat little combo of a PC, Tablet and Smartphone all in the palm of your hand. It’s these types of gadgets that are revolutionising the way we work, working remotely is now just as easy as being in the office. Cocktails by the beach (while working) anyone?

To view click here.

USB Drives 

In the digital age protecting your data is crucial, particularly in high security environments such as Government, Financial industries and Healthcare. For peace of mind and protection you’ll need to find a USB Drive that offers the right security features for your needs, including anti-virus protection and brute-force security. Our pick is the Kanguru Defender 3000, a hardware encrypted flash drive which is tamper resistant and will even auto-disable after 7 failed login attempts.

On-the-go Recharging

One of our absolute favourite new products is the portable Power Bank. How we lived without these we will never know! Power Banks are available in various sizes and capacities and allow the on-the-go charging of gadgets like phones, tablets, gaming devices and MP3 Players. No more running out of charge while on the road. Along with this innovative solution has come a range of accessories that we suddenly absolutely must have. Introducing the Modena Re-charge range which includes a compendium, Refillable Notebook, Accessories case/purse and a Travel Wallet – all with an inbuilt power bank! How clever is that!!

Cyberpower Power Bank Single 5000mAh – Black

Interactive Touchscreen Monitors

We love the Neopost LED 55″ Wall Mount Monitor in Black – The new NeoPanel will revolutionise the way you present, display and teach. This invaluable piece of tech is designed to improve collaboration and learning, with a high definition interactive display panel that is plug and play. This monitor offers great applications from the boardroom to the classroom.

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