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Buying online vs traditional bricks & mortar retail stores

online shopping

The launch of the new COS website in 2016 has made online shopping for your office supplies easier than ever before, with the site now viewable on any device you have the ability to order from absolutely anywhere, simply by using your phone or tablet. This new feature gives you true flexibility when it comes to shopping for your office supplies.

Since the launch we have been surprised to find that, even with online shopping becoming “the norm” we are still asked what the benefit of shopping online is over shopping in a physical store.

While convenience is the key factor in a users decision to shop online there are some other benefits that you may not have considered. Shopping online is low effort, convenient, and believe it or not, more likely to save you money at checkout. We’ve all fallen victim to the dreaded “impulse purchase” as we browse a retail store. Don’t feel bad, we’ve all done it, you go in to buy a new diary and come out with a ream of multi-coloured paper, a box of markers and a new paper shredder that you didn’t even really need……AND you forgot to get the diary. Distraction is a key player in bricks & mortar shopping, stores are designed to distract you, and to entice you in to impulse purchases, something you are relatively safe from when shopping online. Sure, you can still browse, but generally when you land on the homepage of an online store there’s a good chance that you already know exactly what you’re there to buy, you type ‘2017 diary’ inthe search bar and VOILA, you are taken to the right place immediately. By shopping online you are more likely to stick to your shopping list, thereby reducing the risk of impulse buying and overspending.

Online shopping is certainly the path of least resistance thanks to the flexibility it affords us. Been tied up in meetings all day? Why not order your supplies from your phone on your commute home from the office (not while driving though, ok?). Did you forget to order coffee pods as you ran from the office on a Friday afternoon, desperate to start the weekend? No problem, log in from your phone and it’s like it never happened!

With an innovative product range of familiar, branded items plus competitive pricing and helpful, easy to contact staff, COS offers buyers quality, choice and quick delivery Australia wide. By shopping online you are saving the time and hassle of travelling to a physical store, trying to find what you’re looking for, avoiding pesky sales staff and resisting temptation.

Now you have more money in your pocket, your items delivered to your door and more time to do some meaningful work. You can thank us later.

Visit to see how easy it can be to order your office supplies online.