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Office Christmas party survival tips from COS!


Here’s a sad statistic, apparently almost¬†50% of employees dread the yearly office Christmas party and one of the main reasons is a fear of embarrassing themselves in front of their coworkers. COS is here to help, with our handy list of tips to not only help you enjoy your office Christmas party, but to leave it with your dignity intact.


  1. Don’t talk about work constantly – The office Christmas party is an opportunity to bond with your coworkers on a more personal level. Now is a great time to tell them about your Star Wars action figure collection and show the pics of that time you had a wedding ceremony for your cats, not to talk about the quarterly reports and your KPI’s.
  2. Don’t be a wet blanket – While this might feel like a perfect opportunity to finally have it out with Gary from Sales, we assure you, it isn’t. Gary’s just here to have a good time and relax, be like Gary, have some fun.
  3. Put. The. Phone. Away! – Unless you’re snapping pictures, however, save the posting to social media for tomorrow. Put the phone down and enjoy yourself. Besides, it’s a lot more believable that you have a great time if you don’t spend your night standing in the corner posting on Facebook.
  4. Do not ever post embarrassing photos of co-workers, or worse, your boss – Unless they give you permission, in which case, party on!
  5. Stick to the dress code – Please. Don’t be that guy that turns up in jeans and flip flops as some sort of protest. If your company is putting on a party and they’ve gone to the effort of planning a theme or dress code, make an effort. You’ll have more fun, we promise.
  6. Don’t…..just don’t – Harboring deep, secret feelings for a coworker? Thinking tonight is the night to declare your love? It’s not. Save it for a sober time when not surrounded by coworkers. You’ll thank us later.
  7. Planning on ditching the party all-together? – Got a better offer? Here’s the thing, there’s a good chance this shindig is costing your boss a LOT, do you really want to be the ungrateful one? The unsociable one? And what about FOMO (fear of missing out)? Do you really want to have to suffer through the next day, everyone talking about what a great time they had, sharing photos and stories? Go to the party.
  8. Try not to drink too much – We said “try”, and we said “too much”. Have a few drinks, loosen up but tonight is not the night to wind up with your head in the toilet or falling over on the dance floor.
  9. No sickies the next day – You feel like death, we understand. You know what though? So does everyone else. Go to work, you’re all bonded for life by your hangovers anyway.
  10. DO – Have a great time! Relax, unwind and enjoy the company of your colleagues, you spend more time with them than your family so take some time to get to know them and enjoy!

Need some supplies for your office Christmas party? COS can help with that too! We have catering supplies, snacks and drinks!

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