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Hot Desking

Hot or Not?

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Hot desking is a system where there is no desk allocation, instead employees choose where to sit everyday. The hot desking system is usually implemented in companies where the workspace is too small to comfortably fit desks and chairs for all employees and/or a desk isn’t necessary for all employees.

However, for some individuals their work space is a small piece of themselves; covered in pictures of loved ones and calendar reminders. For others, their work space is the symbol of repetition,  just a place to sit between 9-5, Monday to Friday.

Is regularity a good thing or does it bring boredom to the workplace?


Number one – The Money Saver View:

The most obvious advantage of Hot Desking is the economical benefits for the company, especially for those companies that have more staff than space. Some companies have large sales teams that come and go often, others have many part-time employees who don’t come in everyday. These kind of employees raise the question, why should companies invest in desks which aren’t going to be used?

Less desks also means smaller location and small location means less in expenses. Less toilets to manage, less kitchen space to stock with coffee, less things to fix if something goes wrong and lower rates.


Number one – The Wildfire of Germs:

Do you remember when your parents would tell you to cover your face when you sneezed or coughed as to not spread disease? Hot Desking takes spreading illness to a whole new level. The desktop keyboard you sit and type at everyday has food crumbs in it, is loaded with dust and germs and your dead skin cells. With hot desking everyone is sharing everything, this results in germs circulating much quicker.

When Hot Desking is implemented in an office, an illness as small the common flu spreads like wildfire and before you know it the majority of your staff are off sick.

Hot Desking Female

Number two – Company Becomes Single Team:

In each office there are multiple different roles, each of these roles usually make up a team. With Hot Desking it doesn’t matter the team you’re specifically working in, you bond with everyone. Friendships grow across different aspects of the company and this usually means that people work together across fields to benefit the company as whole.

The company bonds together as a single team rather than individual entities.

Number two – A Space to Call One’s Own:

When questioned about the effectiveness of Hot Desking in companies, many claimed that some people chose a spot and would regularly return to it. This was especially evident with executives who said they preferred having everything in one spot and that changing desks made having meetings difficult. Sometimes people just like their personal space, they need regularity, a space to make their own.

Hot Desking Male

Number three – Stay creative:

Hot Desking, although not proven is thought to help with creativity. Keeping things interesting with a new daily location is thought to help keep people focused and also aid in sparking creative ideas. Consistency can be a bore and for those that can’t call on their creativity at will, hot desking can force them to think outside the box.

Number three – Teamless and Alone:

Whilst there can be an increase in company bonding when hot desking is implemented, other times it can isolate others from their group causing a loss of communication within a team. When your team members are scattered across a room the usual group discussions between and over desks disappears, work becomes a place solely of focus rather than interaction. This can be lonely and may demotivate many employees.

Hot Desking Hot Or Not

So is Hot Desking hot or not?
We conclude that with the right products such as those in our cleaning supplies range and with the right attitude Hot Desking can certainly be hot. However your business has got to look a little further than just swapping desks, they need to make sure that teams can work apart or perhaps teams should rotate as a whole. But make sure you pick up some hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes to make sure you’re keeping your office hygienic.

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