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Health Tips For Work During Winter

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Winter has arrived! With the cold weather upon us as well as working in cold environments, it’s almost certain that it will lead to employees becoming susceptible to cold and flu viruses or even a far more serious health problem.

The cold and flu spread more easily around the office during winter, that is because they thrive in less humid and indoor environments – where air is circulated in a closed system. The infections are more likely to occur during May and September, in particular among colleagues that are already infected.

To reduce the risk of contracting the common viruses at work, there are a number of simple preventive measures you can take to keep you and your employees healthy. Here are our top tips on how to stay healthy at work during winter:

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Keep The Circulated Air Clean

Air quality easily ranks as among the most influential factors on our health, which is why it is important to make smart lifestyle choices towards the air we breathe. With the aid of an air purifier, the number of harmful airborne germs can be reduced, as it removes the small microbes in the air.

Aeramax Air Purifier Fellowes

air purifier
  • Increases air flow by up to 35% and removes viruses, germs and allergens from the air
  • AeraSmart Sensor monitors the air quality and automatically adjusts the fan speed to keep your air purified
  • Filter Change Indicators let you know when it is time to replace your Carbon and True HEPA filters
  • The PlasmaTRUE Technology creates an ionized field to help safely remove airborne pollutants
  • The AeraSafe Antimicrobial Treatment provides protection from the growth of odour causing bacteria, mildew and fungi on True HEPA filters
  • The Aera+ Mode is designed for the cold and flu as well as allergy conditions

Promote Good Nutrition

Researchers have found positive links between immune function and components in food. By eating a variety of foods from all food groups, you can ensure that you are getting the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients your body needs to ward off the cold or flu.

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