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22 March is World Water Day and this year’s campaign is themed why waste water?  The United Nations General Assembly first designated this day in 1993 with the aim of raising awareness of the global water crisis, invoking action to make a difference, as Australian owned social enterprise Thankyou has done.

Thankyou was founded in 2008 after co-founder Daniel Flynn learnt that over 900 million people in the world didn’t have access to safe drinking water on a daily basis, yet the Australian bottled water industry was worth around $600 million a year and Australian’s access safe water by the tap.  Daniel (2014 Victorian Young Australian of the year) engaged a group of friends and they set out to launch a line of water products to fund water projects overseas. Thankyou was born and has since had a huge impact, as a growing social enterprise that directs 100% of their profits back to fight global poverty, funding life changing projects around the world.

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We love this quote from JFK, “One person can make a difference and everyone should try”.  Thankyou’s huge impact began with just one person’s will to do something good. If you’re not sure where to start, consider lending your support to established and credible social enterprises, just like Thankyou. Social enterprises apply commercial strategies to maximize social, environmental, cultural and economic improvements.  There are approximately 20,000 social enterprises operating around Australia, that’s a lot of opportunity to get behind worthy social causes and make a difference.  This online directory lists over 5,000 Australian social enterprise.

COS ranges Thankyou products.  To date sales of Thankyou water and bodycare have impacted 545,360 people across 17 countries. When you purchase Thankyou products, enter your product code here, to see the impact your Thankyou purchase will have.

WASH (Water and Sanitation and Hygiene services) Impact 
17 countries
842 communities
8460 solutions
545,360 people

social enterprise thankyou


thankyou water

Sales of Thankyou food products, also available through COS have helped 132,664 people in 4 countries.

Food Impact: 
4 countries
42 Communities
44 solutions
132,664 people
Over 28.7 million days of food access provided

thankyou cereal
social enterprise thankyou

For other opportunities to make a difference within Australia, check out our COS brand eco-friendly office supplies and MURU office stationery products which support Indigenous communities.