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Fun Activities For Kids You Need To See

Cos arts and Crafts
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When boredom strikes, turn to COS Arts & Crafts for quick tutorials of fun activities for kids. Whether you’re looking for a way to stay entertained on a rainy day or you’re trying to keep a whole classroom occupied. Our creepy crawly guide will teach you how to create fun, loveable insects that will keep boredom at bay.

Step One:

To create insects you’ll need: Modelling Clay, Pipe Cleaners and scissors! If you don’t have these items, check out our range in the education section on COSnet.

Clay Insects How To

Step Two:

Step number one for making your insects is to choose your preferred colours from your modelling clay selection. We suggest three colours but don’t feel limited! Perhaps you choose to use all our modelling clay colours, or perhaps you choose to mix a couple together. The choice is yours.

Choose your insect colour

Step Three:

Once you’ve chosen your colours, divide the clay into twenty cent size clumps. Using the palms of your hands roll each of your divided clay parts until they become small spheres. Feel free to change the size of the balls to make interesting sized and shaped insects.

Balls for insects

Step Four:

Once you’ve finished rolling the modelling clay into balls. Take three pipe cleaners from their packet. We chose: 2x yellow and 1x white. You will need to cut your yellow pipe cleaners 4 times creating 4 pieces which should all roughly be around 5-7 cm long. These four pipe cleaner pieces will become the legs of your creepy crawlies. Next you will need to bend each of your legs twice. The first bend will give you the foot of your insect which should be only be 1-2cm in length. The second bend can be completed to your preference as long as you leave enough space to attached the leg to your body.

With your white pipe cleaner. Cut two equally sized pieces for antennas.

Antennas and legs

Step Five:

Finally connect your clay balls in your desired order. Lightly push your antennas into the front of your insect creation so they stay put within the modelling clay. Place your pipe cleaner legs into the insect body where you please.

And you’re done! You can now stand back and appreciate your work or play and make your creepy crawly come to life.