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Easter Fun and Activities

Easter Fun and Activities

Easter isn’t just a time for children to wake up early and go for an Easter egg hunt, adults can also indulge in a little fun over this holiday season too. Perhaps we aren’t sleeping with one eye open waiting for the Easter bunny but that doesn’t mean we don’t unbuckle our jeans to fit a few more of those Easter eggs in. Over this upcoming break, humour yourself with some Easter themed adult colouring in templates. Enjoy some Easter fun and activities!


Rabbit Adult Colouring Easter Addition

It’s amazing how many benefits colouring actually has. Many psychologists and psychiatrists have been prescribing colouring in to their patients for years because it’s a good tool for dealing with anxiety and stress levels. Colouring demands a particular level of concentration and patience; by focusing on something, one can also become more aware of their surroundings and practice mindfulness (a therapeutic technique of being consciously aware of your environment).

It’s also no surprise that art therapy has also been around for years because of the countless health benefits associated with being creative.


Easter Egg Adult Colouring

When you participate in creative activities, you work the right side of your brain. Even in an activity as simple as colouring. However the concentration associated with colouring requires the left side of your brain to be working hard as well. It’s the perfect brain work out, whilst being incredibly fun.

Creativity is also associated with expression. When you’re colouring in you are expressing yourself in ways you don’t even realise. Perhaps even with something as small as your colour choices.

Get This Template:

Heart Adult Colouring

Since creativity is so expressive and communicating your emotions links directly to a more positive lifestyle. Simply by setting aside time everyday to be creative can improve your overall sense of happiness.

So get creative and get colouring!

Happy Easter