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Productivity perks of coffee IN the workplace

Coffee in the workplace

Coffee breaks are a popular part of the workplace routine in Australia and throughout the world, but having a café quality machine in-house can also increase productivity and morale.

Many studies have found that taking brief diversions from a task can dramatically improve a person’s ability to concentrate.  Happily coffee breaks offer  such a diversion AND with the COS Free on Loan Coffee Machine Program you no longer need to leave your workplace to enjoy a café quality cup of coffee, or hot chocolate, which will only positively impact business.

Placing a Café Quality Coffee Machine in the workplace can facilitate increased employee productivity and morale;

  • Maximising productivity: The time that employees may spend each day leaving the building to buy a coffee (or 3 depending on the kind of day you’re having), potentially travelling in a lift and joining a queue, can really add up.  Our Free on loan coffee machine program can help you maximise workplace productivity by removing the need for staff to leave the office and potentially queue in peak hour lines, every time they want a coffee break.
  • Increase workplace culture and morale: By making good quality coffee available within the workspace, you are encouraging co-workers to sit down together and de-stress and socialise, which is “win-win” also doubling as a very low-cost and minimal effort, team building exercise.

“Fika” is the Swedish word for coffee break. In Sweden, Fika can happen at any time during the day and sometimes more than once a day. It is commonly practiced and highly regarded as an important social opportunity promoting workplace morale and a flourishing team atmosphere.
COS offers a FREE on Loan First Class Coffee Machine Program for businesses with a minimum 100 employees. This Schaerer Prime Machine (pictured below) includes

  • An automatic bean to cup machine,
  • Comes with a mini milk fridge, so that you can enjoy fresh milk
  • AND can be programmed to make a variety of coffee drinks including lattes, long black, cappuccino, mochas etc.

Coffee increases workplace productivity

As part of the program you can choose from a delicious range of café quality coffee beans, two of which are pictured below.

Piazza D Oro Coffee Beans 1kg – Sweet coffee beans with a roasted milk chocolate note (pictured left)
Piazza D Oro Forza Coffee Beans 1kg  – Dark roasted blend, with bitter chocolate, praline, caramel, citrus and spice notes (pictured right)

coffee increases workplace productivity
For more information and to discuss your eligibility for our FREE on Loan Coffee Machine Program call COS on 1300 88 22 44