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Clean Up Australia Day

Australia Day is where businesses, communities and governments bond together to address the issues revolving around pollution in the environment. The day focuses on having individuals come together for a greater good, giving responsibility to both the individual to do small things such as pick up litter and a united community to tackle greater tasks such as removing rubbish from water ways.

Clean Up Australia Day can include anything from cleaning up waste in your street or to planting trees in your community garden. Predominately the idea of the day is for action to be taken against human destruction of the environment, this is why the day has expanded; branching out to Business Clean Up Day, Schools Clean Up Day and even Clean up The World.

Clean up the World day aimed to take Australia’s pride in environmental conservation and expand it worldwide, which is exactly what happened.

In 2014 the total number of estimated volunteers for Clean Up Australia Day was 572, 406. Which proves that Australians take the day very seriously and choose to work together as a whole for the benefit of not only the country but the world. Helping to preserve, conserve and protect the environment.

Here at COS we like to do our part with an environmentally friendly focus on managing the business and corporate world and you can do your part too.

By recycling paper you are contributing to the energy level of the paper making process by 30 to 50%. Just by recycling paper, pollution is reduced by 95%. Your office paper is recreated into paper towels, tissue and toilet paper. Saving time, money and the environment all at once.

Just by putting used paper in the right bin you are doing a small but significant part towards conserving the environment!

Check out below COS’ variety of environmentally friendly options to help you make a difference.