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Celebrate Australian Made

australian made

Australia really is a cracker of a Country, with it’s beautiful beaches, stunning landmarks and our favourite Australian made meat pies, we really are the “Lucky Country”!

It’s easy to see why we’re such a proud bunch, we certainly have a lot to be proud of and one of the best ways to show pride in our Country is to buy Australian made. Knowing where your “stuff” comes from and making sure you buy Australian made wherever possible is a great step towards building a strong and secure future for our children, and their children and so on and so on, you know the drill. Buying Australian made not only strengthens the economy, it also ensures there are plenty of jobs for your friends and family. Where would Uncle Gaz be if not for his job at Arnott’s? And what about your Mum’s friend Susan who has been flogging Vegemite for ages?

In celebration of Australia Day we’d like to take a look at some of our favourite Australian brands and products.

Vegemite – how can we not start this list with Vegemite? Every Aussie kid grows up on the stuff and when we travel, we take it with us, we ship it to our friends overseas and we hoard it in our drawers at work. It is THE Australian staple. The GREAT news is that it is now not only Australian made, it is once again, Australian owned!! Hooray for Vegemite!

Arnott’s Biscuits – who doesn’t love an Iced Vovo or a Tim Tam with our afternoon cuppa? Arnott’s have been around since 1865. They started as a tiny bakery in Newcastle, NSW where they baked bread, pies and biscuits and supplied them to the locals and to the crews of the many ships docked at the port to load coal. From these humble beginnings Arnott’s grew in to the huge company we all know and love today. They currently employ around 2,400 Australians and more than 50,000 Australians have worked with Arnott’s over the past century.


CAPI – while everybody loves a heritage Australian brand we also love a newbie. CAPI was born and bred in Melbourne and is 100% Australian owned. They source and blend the best natural ingredients to make their delicious sparkling fruit sodas and mixers which are the perfect refreshment on their own, or, in true Australian style, can be used to elevate any quality spirit. CAPI sources it’s award-winning water from just 50 minutes outside of Melbourne… don’t get much more “locally-sourced” than that!


Jasol Australia – all the way back in 1934 an enterprising chemist called Mr Charles Johnson approached a prominent Adelaide businessman with his formulation that enabled oil to be mixed with water. Originally this clever chemist wanted to call his company ‘Johnson’s Antiseptic Soluble Oils Ltd” but, realising this was a terrible tongue twister, settled for the abbreviation ‘Jasol’. His company was incorporated as a Private Company on the 13th August 1934 and manufacture of the first product ‘Jasol B’ began right in Mr Johnson’s home on California Street, Adelaide (we can’t help but wonder what Mrs Johnson thought of this). Today ‘Jasol Hygiene First’ manufactures a huge range of exceptional cleaning and hygiene service solutions.


As an Australian owned, family business COS is proud to support Australian made products. Visit to explore more from the brands we’ve highlighted.