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Arts and crafts for kids: Cardboard Ghosts

how to make cardboard ghost arts and crafts
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If you’ve been wondering how to keep yourself and your classroom entertained look no further. Arts and crafts are a great way to stimulate creativity and they’re fun! In the spirit of Halloween, COS decided to make some small cardboard ghosts for our office decoration, this is how to make them.

Step 1:

Using black cardboard and a white crayon create a spooky ghost outline before colouring it in.

Step 2:

Next, using some PVA glue and some joogly eyes of your choosing. Stick the eyes onto your ghost. You could even stick them in different spots to be extra spooky and creative!

Step 3:

To show that it’s night time, add some gold stars around the ghost.

Step 4:

Using your white crayon again make a small circular mouth on your Ghost. Once you’re happy, use the PVA glue to outline your ghost. This will leave a spooky glossy outline (once dried).

If you’re wondering which products we used when we made our video, check them out below.

Black cardboard for arts and crafts
White crayons for cardboard ghost
joggly eyes for arts and crafts
PVA glue for arts and crafts
Golden stars arts and crafts

A4 black cardboard – 210GSM

Crayola wax crayons – Small Pack

Jasart Joggle Eyes – Assorted Sizes

Craft PVA glue – 125ml

Avery Blister Pack Stars – Gold