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Hoooo Loves You? Valentine’s Day Owl DIY Craft

Valentine's Day DIY Art Craft

This cute and simple Valentine’s Day Art and Craft activity will be a hoot to make with your little loved one.

We created this Valentine’s Day Owl using products from our huge range of Art & Craft supplies.

Red Heart Stickers
Joggle Eyes Assorted sizes
Red paper
Pink paper
Paper plates

Follow these simple steps to create this cute owl, we’ve also made you this handy Hoo loves you template.

Step 1: Using red paper, trace two wings, one for the left

and one for the right from the template provided,

approximately 18 cm long and 7 cm wide.

Step 2: Position the wings at the top of the plate, as per the

template provided and staple each wing into place.

Step 3: Again using red paper, trace the larger of the

two heart templates and then cut the red heart for

the owls face.

Step 4: Place glue on the middle section of the red heart,

before sticking it to the plate, on top of the wings.

Step 5: Using pink paper, trace and cut the smaller of

the two hearts.

Step 6: Place glue carefully around the edges of the pink

heart and stick to the centre of the red heart.

Step 7: Stick two joggly eyes and 1 red heart sticker for

the mouth on the pink heart.

Step 8: Cut the two small hearts and stick at the bottom

for the feet

Step 9: Write your message on the middle of the owl

Step 10: Leave to dry

Now your owl is ready for gifting or headed straight to the fridge! Need magnets? We’ve got those too! Click here.

Well done on your craft project. Happy Valentine’s Day!