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Virgin Or Recycled Paper? Find the right choice for you

Virgin or recycled paper

Arguing whether virgin or recycled paper is better is an endless conversation, with no definitive end. There are positives and negatives to both sides of the case. With an abundance of information available about both topics, it’s more important to choose a side that suits your company’s values rather than a side which is better because the “better paper” is a subjective choice. When choosing your paper here are a couple of things you should consider.

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Carbon Neutral

If your company’s predominant focus is to reduce your carbon footprint virgin paper may be for you. Whilst it’s true that manufacturing virgin paper requires more total energy, the process of manufacturing recycled paper uses more non-renewable energy. Virgin paper production occurs at both integrated and non-integrated mills. There are two things to note about integrated mills, the first is that they are self-sufficient for most part of their energy requirements and secondly, the energy produced by integrated mills is green (thus carbon neutral). What does this all mean? It means that the mill in which the paper was produced has had their carbon footprint measured and they are aware of their impact on the environment. But don’t get stuck in the mindset that virgin paper created at non-integrated mills isn’t good for the environment. When a paper is made carbon neutral, the mill buys offsets against their carbon output, regardless of the volume.

Also note that not all virgin papers go through this process but there are plenty that are chosen from specific farmed trees in order to contain the paper making process. By doing this it means the paper process is using only specialized trees grown for paper purposes and no forests are harmed.

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Trees And Waste

Recycled paper can be recycled up to 5 times and with advances in technology, recycled paper can be just as white and has the same print performance as virgin paper. However, it takes 1.2 tonnes of recycled fibres to produce 1 tonne of recycled paper, yet, it would take 2.5 tonnes of wood to make only 1 tonne of virgin fibre paper. So although the de-inking process of recycled paper may create waste, it is nothing to the amount of trees that may be saved. Also, if your company wants to have a recycled tick of approval it’s great to know that burying waste paper as landfill releases methane gas, which is 25 times higher and more harmful to the environment.

What you need

Whether your company is pro recycled or pro virgin paper, the choice should reflect the values of the company and what the company believes to be the most important. There is a plentiful amount of conflicting information on both sides of the virgin or recycled paper argument – but it’s important to note that there are a range of papers that address a range of issues even wider than the virgin or recycled parameter.

 Note: that just because paper isn’t recycled doesn’t mean it cannot be certified as environmentally friendly.

Choosing virgin or recycled paper can be difficult, we suggest you choose an option that best suits you. Check out the unique stories attached the products below.

Virgin or Recycled Options:

Virgin Paper – Cos achiever

The COS achiever paper is a virgin multipurpose office paper. COS Achiever copy paper delivers excellent image quality and consistent, solid performance which is perfect for all your office needs, including everyday printing or copying. Unlike other papers, COS achiever copy paper is manufactured from fast growing, sustainable plantation fibre.


Virgin Paper – COS Premium 

COS Premium is a virgin paper that is both Carbon Neutral and FSC certified. This means that the virgin fibre is sourced from sustainably managed Eucalyptus hard wood forests and all greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of this offset resulting in a completely carbon neutral product.

cos photocopy paper

Recycled Paper – Australian 80% Recycled

This post consumer waste recycled product is not only 80% recycled paper but it is also Made in Australia. If your company is looking for a product that is environmentally friendly and Australian this product is a great choice.

Virgin or recycled paper

Recycled Paper – Muru 100% Recycled

The Muru® Group, a Supply Nation certified business that supports Indigenous community initiatives. Each purchase of a Muru® product provides direct social and economic support to Indigenous families throughout Australia. After partnering with the Muru® Group in 2014, ‘COS® is now proud to be the exclusive supplier of the Muru® range. Learn more about the ‘COS and Muru story here.