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USB Universal Docking Station: The connectivity that offers universal solutions

usb docking station

Having one device that provides connections to all peripherals can make life much easier and more convenient for personal or work use. A docking station only requires one single USB cord to connect to the laptop, reducing all the cables cluttering up your desk. For even more convenience, docking stations can be connected and removed from devices without the need to reboot your computer, which can help reduce stress for people who travel frequently with their laptops and can ultimately save them time.

Other than reducing the amount of space it takes on your desk and saving time, docking stations also deliver all the ports you need to connect several devices into one dock. Certain models of the station is 4K UHD capable, which means it allows a connection to one or two very large external monitors that support 4 times more pixels than regular 1080P resolution. In addition, it features a variety of ports such as audio and display outputs, DVI and VGA, Ethernet and other USB peripherals without the interference from each other.

In other words, by plugging in one cable, you get a mouse, keyboard, large monitors, speakers, a second hard drive, a connection to your printer, an optical drive, and a wired network connection. This is revolutionary technology that can help you or your employees improve their uptime and enhance productivity through this universal solutions.