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Recycled Paper: The Clean, Ethical Choice

Protect and preserve our planet's forests

COS Recycled Paper

What is Recycled Paper?

Recycled paper is made from paper and paper products that has already been used. Paper waste is essentially turned into usable paper that can ultimately be recycled and used again. This is an optimal way to protect and preserve our precious forest resources.

recycled paper

Recycling 1 tonne of paper saves 17 mature trees, 2,650 litres of water, 2.3 cubic meters of landfill space, 320 litres of oil and 4,100 kilowatt-hours of electricity – that’s enough energy to power the average Australian home for 6 months.

Why Should We Recycle Paper?

The manufacturing of paper on an industrialised scale has enormous effects on the environment. The procurement and processing of raw materials have a variety of negative effects on the environment such as deforestation of woodlands and exhaustion of water supplies.
  • A major part of municipal waste is made up of paper and paper products before the recovery of recyclable materials.


  • Studies show up to 35 percent of the weight of solid waste is made up of paper.


  • It has been estimated that recycling half the world’s paper would avoid the harvesting of 20 million acres of forestland.
Recycled Paper Carbon Neutral

Cool To Know:
By using recycled fibre, it allows the carbon to remain combined for longer (preventing emissions), as well as reduces waste to landfills – benefiting the climate & the environment.

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