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Office Chair Racing

The Official Office Chair Racing Rules


Office Chair Racing is a serious sport here at COS, so we thought we’d share with you the details on how to organise the perfect race in your office!

Check out the rules below:

Rule No. 1:

Find some competitors that are willing to test against your epic skills. Also make sure you have a mediator to count down at the beginning of the race and judge who the winner was at the end in case someone tries to question your win.   

Rule No. 2:

Choose a location and level.

Level 1: 100% Open Space
Level 2: One obstacle
Level 3: 2-4 obstacles + 2-3 corners
Level 4: 5+ obstacles + 4+ corners

Remember the more obstacles will lift the level of race difficulty meaning a more fulfilling winner’s pride.

Rule No. 3:

Set up a start and finish line.

Rule No. 4:

During the day before the race pretend to be working whilst secretly scouring the office for the best chair (let’s be honest though, the best chair in the office is your recently bought ‘COS chair).

Rule No. 5:

Wait until everyone has left the office and then find your way with your competitors to your location. Make sure you bring a first aid kit.

Rule No. 6:

Sit in a line and wait for your mediator to count back from 3. Have your mediator set up a camera at the end of the finish line in case you need a slow motion replay.

Rule No. 7:

Once the race begins there are no rules. It’s war.

Rule No. 8:

The losers are at the mercy of the winner’s gloating for 1 week.

Rule No. 9:

Clean up the mess of the race (loser’s clean up) so that no one knows you were there.

Check out our race and don’t forget to share your racing experiences with us on Twitter with the hashtag #COSraces