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How to Keep a Clean, Germ-Free Workplace

Sanitising Supplies Every Office Needs

Germ Free Workplace

Germ-Free Workplace is Essential for Health and Safety

Every space is prone to a collection of germs and bacteria, especially shared work areas. Harmful microbes are easily spread from other people and objects we come into contact with and onto the equipment we use to complete our tasks.

Keep a germ-free workplace and build good hygiene practices with these easy-to-use products.

Af Phone-Clene Wipes Sachets


Telephones can harbor several microorganisms that come from our hands, ears, mouths, and airborne dust and debris. Keeping your telephones clean is an excellent way of warding off bacteria and illness.

You can use an antibacterial spray and absorbent wipe or these telephone hygiene wipes for easy cleaning. Make sure to unplug the telephone first so you can do a thorough, deep-cleaning. Pay special attention to the received and between all buttons.

Did you know there can be up to 3,895 germs on your desk per square centimeter? There are only around 7 germs per square centimeter on a toilet seat.

germ-free workplace
germ-free workplace

Monitor Screen

Reduce headaches and eyestrain by cleaning your screen daily. A quick spray and swipe with a screen cleaner and microfiber cloth will remove any dirt, dust, and grime.
They have anti-static, nonflammable, and non-smear properties. It is safe to use because it contains no alcohol or harmful chemicals.

Af Multi Screen-Clene With Bonus Cloth

AF Invertible Non-Flam Sprayduster 200ml


Your keyboard is a collector of crumbs, dirt and dust. Remove these quickly by holding your keyboard at 180° to the desk and spray between the keys with a spray duster. Use Isolene surface wipes over the keys to remove any exterior dirt and germs.
germ-free workplace
germ-free workplace


Because most of us handle a mouse daily and often several times a day, it’s imperative to keep this little device clean. Human hands are often teeming with a significant amount of microbes that are easily passed on to other people and objects. Reduce the amount of bacteria you touch everyday by sanitising the equipment you come in contact with.
Surface wipes are designed for safe and efficient use on all plastic and moulded cases, as well as non-porous surfaces.

Af Isoclene Sanitising Wipes Tub

Smartphones and Tablets

With technology today, many own multiple devices. Keep travel size anti-static screen wipes with you while you’re on-the-go. Keeping your devices and yourself germ-free is so important.


germ-free workplace