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Identity Fraud

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1 in 5 Australians Have Been a Victim of Identity Fraud

Are You Protected?

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Identity Fraud is not just something that happens online, hard copies of sensitive information provide a higher level of risk.

The impact of identity fraud on a business, its employees and customers can be substantial. Too much information in the wrong hands can cost a business everything. Businesses must ensure compliance with the Australian Federal Privacy Act regulations and prevent the misuse of company data and customer data.

For individuals, the impact can be just as bad. Whenever an identity is lost the results can be the inconvenience of a trashed credit rating and the long and difficult struggle to clear your name.


The Alarming Facts:

  • Identity crime is one of the most common crime types in Australia, affecting between 750,000 to 900,000 people each year
  • Australians are more worried about identity theft than a terrorist attack or plane crash
  • More people report being a victim of identity crime than assault, robbery, motor vehicle theft or household break-ins
  • Victims of identity crime suffer out-of-pocket losses of $4,101 per incident
  • Identity crime is estimated to annually cost at least $1.6 billion


What Can You Do?

Equip yourself and your business with all the gear to prevent being robbed. ‘COS offers a selection of essential fraud prevention products that will help you secure your data:

shredder identity fraud

If you deal with sensitive information frequently, a jam proof and quiet yet powerful shredder is a smart choice.


Handy laptop and monitor privacy filters darken your screen when viewed from the side to keep confidential information private.


Lock it and leave it with superior strength locks that protect your notebook and data, and offer compatibility with 99% of laptops.


Metal storage features lockable doors to secure your files with the added bonus of impressive, eye-catching design and quality.

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