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How To Use Post-it® Notes

Post-it® notes , also known as “sticky notes” are great when you have to leave a note behind on someone’s desk, when you need to jot something down quickly as a reminder. They’ve even been used in postmodern artworks because of the colourful arrangement they come in! Post-it® notes are a great and easy solution for writing down quick ideas but we’ll let you in on a little secret; you’re peeling your Post-it® notes wrong!

Here is a quick demonstration and lesson on how to use Post-it® notes!

Peeling the note from the bottom will cause for the adhesive strip at the top of the note to curl. This means that your note will not last as long and is more likely to fall off whatever you stick it to.
The above demonstration is how not to peel your Post-it® note.

The correct way to peel a post-it® note is in fact to peel the note from the side. When you peel the note from the side the adhesive strip is less likely to curl and more likely to stick.

This gif demonstrates the correct way to peel a Post-it® .