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How to remove permanent marker

Removing permanent marker can be a pain especially when you’ve accidentally used it, such as on a whiteboard or dropped the pen open lid on your new pants. However do not be daunted by it’s name for in fact we have the solution to make your permanent issue into just an erasable mistake. Find out how to remove permanent marker from different surfaces with these options below.

what’s your surface?


Ever picked up the wrong pen when writing on the whiteboard? You go to pick up the eraser and realise the mistake you’ve made. Do not fear, you can get that permanent marker off in no time.

Locate a dark-coloured erasable whiteboard marker. Trace over your permanent marker lines. The alcohol in the erasable marker with dissolve the stain. Wait for a few seconds before wiping away both marker lines with a paper towel or white board eraser. If the permanent marker has been there a while it may take a few tries but it will go eventually!

If you’re looking for something that won’t ruin your whiteboard surface whiteboard cleaner is the best choice. Whiteboard cleaner will remove any tough marks and restore your whiteboard’s shine.

If you want a little more than just a cleaner whiteboard, a whiteboard conditioner may be the answer. Conditioner will not only remove permanent marker stains, ghosting marks and ink stains but using a conditioner will also extend the lifespan of your whiteboard.


Sometimes we forget that we left the pen lid off on our sharpie and find ourselves with a line on our crisp white shirt, or our just ironed work pants. Don’t freak out, we have some options to remove that stain quickly.

If you’re trying to remove permanent marker from everyday clothing citrus juice can be your saviour. Just a small squeeze of lemon or lime juice to the stain and dab with a clean cloth until it disappears. Be careful with delicates, try adding some water to the juice to dilute it first.

If your fabric is a little tougher and you’re looking for a quick fix to get that stain out, rubbing alcohol may be your answer. Apply a small amount of alcohol to a dry towel or cloth and dab lightly at the stain. Choosing a dry material that matches the colour may be helpful.

If you’ve got a permanent marker stain on your white clothes use bleach. Dilute the bleach with water and submerge the stain into the formula. The stain may come out immediately or it may need to soak for a while. Once the mark is gone, wash your item.

Hard Surfaces

There’s nothing worse than pulling away a page you’ve been writing on and your permanent marker has leaked through the page and is now on your table top. Try these easy options to solve your problem.

50% Baking soda and 50% toothpaste. If you combine these two products into a paste and allow it to sit on your surface. With a little elbow grease and patience the stain will come out.

Don’t be afraid to use WD-40. One of the ultimate cleaning products for your tougher cleaning jobs. Spray only a little onto the stain and scrub with a clean cloth to remove.

You can also dab a small amount of nail polish remover onto a some cotton wool and scrub the stain. The alcohol in the remover means the stain should come off quickly.

No matter the surface we hope you’re able to get that nasty stain out.

Happy Cleaning!