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Hand Sanitisers Safeguard Against Harmful Microbes

Stay Safe, Healthy, and Germ-Free

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Did you know that about 80% of germs are spread by our hands? Or that the average desk harbours over 10 million germs?!

Hand Sanitisers

Good hygiene practices are essential to keeping any environment as germ-free as possible. Hand sanitisers are designed to kill harmful bacteria quickly and efficiently. And since microorganisms are more easily spread by our hands, having hand sanitisers within reach can eliminate the possibility of contracting preventable illnesses.

Hand Sanitiser Benefits

  • Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria
  • Reduces the spread of germs
  • Safeguards against illness
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Softens and moisturises hands
hand sanitisers

Around the Office

Every area is prone to bacteria, especially where human hand-to-hand contact can occur. Microbes also collect on objects where they are then transmitted to human hands and spread to other objects and people. Key areas such as break rooms, restrooms, waiting rooms, and other general spaces need access to hand sanitisers. Installing mountable and free-standing dispensers makes for the easiest access possible.

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At Your Desk

Our professional lives tend to occupy the majority of our day. That means we spend most of our time at our work areas and offices. It’s important to have hand sanitisers and surface wipes on-hand at all times. Especially since we may come in contact with visitors, customers, and colleagues throughout the day. One sure thing is that microorganisms are sure to be present. Safeguard your health by habitually using hand sanitisers to keep them to a minimum.

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On the Go

No matter if you travel for work or just going to the grocery store, having hand sanitisers and surface wipes within reach is vital to ensuring your hands are as germ-free as possible. We come into contact with many objects and people throughout the day, but we are especially prone when commuting. Our chances of contracting a preventable illness skyrockets every time we touch anything. Reduce your risk by using hand sanitisers to kill the bacteria before illness can occur.

hand sanitiser

Purell 70% Ethanol Hand Sanitiser Gel 60ml Pump

Hand Sanitiser

Aqium Antibacterial Hand Gel 70ml Flip Top

Hand Sanitiser

Aqium Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel 375ml Pump

Air Freshener

Purell 1.2L 70% Ethanol Antiseptic Hand Gel

Hand Soap dispenser

Purell FMX Manual Push Dispenser

Hand Soap

Kleenex® 1.2L Luxury Foam Instant Hand Cleanser


Scott® 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Antibacterial Wipes Tub70

hand sanitiser

Purell 70% Ethanol Hand Sanitiser Foam 535ml Pump

Hand Sanitiser

Aqium Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel with Aloe Vera 375ml Pump


ISOWIPE® Bactericidal Surface Wipes Tub75

Hand Sanitiser

Aqium Antibacterial Hand Gel 1L Pump

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Kleenex Electronic Skincare Dispenser Stand

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