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Ergonomic Office Furniture: Meeting Your Every Need

Your health and safety are important!


Ergonomic Office Furniture For Your Every Need

Did you know that one of the worst things for your health is to sit all day? On average, office staff spend 8 hours a day sitting at their desk. Hence, it is important to ensure that you have the best ergonomic furniture compliant to Workplace, Health, and Safety regulations. Ergonomic office furniture promotes better posture and blood circulation.

‘COS has a range of ergonomic office furniture built to anyone with special requirements, disabilities, or limited mobility.

Here are two height adjustable
ergonomic products that you can use to maximize your comfort and productivity.

Ergonomic Physioflex III Chair

With a Physioflex III Chair, you can start reducing the harmful effects on your health caused by prolonged sitting. This unique design, invented by an ergonomist, is recommended by physiotherapists to improve back and neck pain.

ergonomic office furniture
  • Adjustment for people of differing knee-to-hip length
  • The back is height and tilt-adjustable. as well as removable
  • The seat slides forward and backward and adjusts in height
  • This Physioflex kneel sit chair has a roller base to provide more stability
  • Ideal for aiding minor back problems by retraining muscles as it maintains lordosis -the curve of the lower back

Sit-to-Stand Desk & Workstation

Experts recommend ‘Sit-to-Stand’ desks and workstations because they  allow you to adjust your position during the course of the workday.  This helps to subvert inactive muscle memory caused by being in a static position all day.

ergonomic office furniture
  • Introduce movement into your daily work routine with the easy-to-use sit-to-stand ergonomic office furniture
  • Each workstation can be custom ordered to suit your needs (e.g: wheelchair accessibility)
  • Sit-to-Stand desks and workstations provide a range of work surface heights
  • Available with either manual or electric mechanisms

Cool To Know:
Prolonged sitting increases the risks of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and musculosketal symptoms, and some cancers*

*Study from The University of Queensland. By researcher Maike Neuhaus.

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