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The Path to Zero Emissions


World Environment Day was first held in 1974 and occurs on the 5th of June every year.  It is the United Nation’s means of encouraging awareness and action for protection of our environment.

COS is committed to actively protecting our environment and also to making it easier for our customer’s to protect the environment.  We’re inspired by other Australian organisations such as our supply partner BioPak who is carbon neutral.   Choosing to partner with organisations such as BioPak who are completely committed to reducing carbon emissions, enables us to make a positive impact more widely.

BioPak has a wide range of foodservice disposables that are designed and manufactured to provide consumers with an affordable, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing solutions to enjoying food on the go, without any negative impact on the environment.  Their products are produced using natural sources, such as;

  • Paper from managed plantations – According to BioPak sustainable forestry is one of the most effective means to mitigate climate change. Trees absorb C02 from the atmosphere as they grow.  When harvested, carbon is stored in every piece of paper.  Certification ensures responsible management of forests with new trees growing, absorbing more carbon – a prerequisite to upholding the cycle.
  • Bioplastics from renewable resources – Biobased plastic products save fossil resources by using biomass which regenerates annually and provides the unique potential of carbon neutrality.  Biogradeability is an add-on property of certain types of bioplastics.
  • Sugercane pulp – Bagasse packaging is made from the pulp of the sugarcane plant and is durable, light, inexpensive and biodegrades in 30 – 90 days once exposed to composting conditions.

Below is one of BioPak’s plates made from sugarcane.

BIOPAK paper plate
BioCane Paper Plate PLAT1230

By sharing our own environmental initiatives, we hope to inspire further action.  COS recently invested $1 million installing over 1,500 solar panels at three of our east coast sites.  This project was initiated after a carbon audit identified that electricity contributed almost 50% of our carbon emissions, prompting COS to investigate new energy sources to run our operations.

These solar panels will enable COS to reduce our annual carbon emissions by 532 tonnes, 38 x the amount produced each year by the average Australian home.

The solar energy generated from these installations is projected to be in excess of 400MWh per annum, which is equivalent to powering over 60 average homes for a year.  To put this in context, the average Australian household produces around 14 tonnes (14,000kg) of carbon per year which is equivalent to removing 133 cars off the road and growing 3191 mature trees.

COS Eco-friendly products

As an industry leader in sustainable initiatives, COS takes pride in supporting and reinforcing our customer’s environmental policies by supplying a large range of eco-friendly products across a wide range of categories, below are just two examples. To browse more environmentally friendly office solutions visit and search “sustainable”.

Ecoboard Dividers A4 5 Tab Natural Brown INDX2170
Chux Biodegradable Superwipes WIPE1037