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Are Sweeteners A Healthy Substitute For Sugar?

sweeteners vs sugar
sweeteners vs sugar

Your body burns sugar to supply you with the necessary energy for life, but there are many reasons to limit your sugar intake. Excess sugar can cause obesity, poor nutrition and heart disease.

With the increasing trend towards health and fitness, many coffee and tea drinkers are now trying to reduce the sugar and calories in their diet by turning to artificial and natural sweeteners.

What are these sweeteners and how do they differ from sugar?

sweeteners and sugar

Sugar is a carbohydrate that contains hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. One teaspoon of white sugar has around 16 calories, providing a dose of energy that the body can process. But if you consume too much sugar, excess energy will be stored as fat.  Therefore, most nutritionists agree that moderate amount of natural sweetener is the healthier option instead of processed sugar.

For best selection and value please see the following list of sweetener products available at ‘COS:

Equal tablets sweeteners

Equal Sweeteners are a sugar replacement without adding the calories.

Single serve tablets are ideal in office kitchens, conferences and meetings.

Natvia stick sweeteners

Natvia is a natural, healthy alternative to refined, processed sugar.

Only 0.4 calories per serve, Natvia will keep you and your body happy.

white sugar CSR

CSR everyday white sugar can add a boost to your tea and coffee breaks.

The uniform size of the sugar crystals gives you a regular texture and consistency.

raw sugar CSR

Sweeten your coffee or tea with CSR raw sugar.

 This natural granulated sugar (golden in colour, and honey like in taste)