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Why You Need Specialty Markers

Why you need these specialty markers

When we think about markers we often think about permanent and whiteboard. Whilst these options can be brilliant if they meet your basic needs, but little do people know that other markers do exist. Specialty markers meet a range of other needs beyond the limitations of a standard permanent and whiteboard marker. Luckily, we’ve collected four specialty markers that you need but may not have, and you can check them out below.

option one: Paint Markers

Paint markers have fast-drying ink that won’t fade. One of the best things about this specialty markers is that they can be used on virtually any surface indoor or outdoor. Surfaces including, paper, glass, steel, rubber, time, plastic and more. More than that, once these markers have been used their ink is permanent. Unlike many permanent markers, these go beyond limitations. Just shake, push and write.

Special Markers - COS Paint


Special Markers - COS Paint Black


Yellow Paint Marker


Option Two: Chalk Markers

Liquid chalk markers will help make your life easier when writing on almost all non-porous surfaces. If you’re looking for a marker that can write on blackboards, whiteboards, light boxes, laminated paper, glass or windows –  but then be easily wiped away with a dry cloth, liquid chalk markers are the ones for you. Due to this marker’s pump action valve, they also have a strong and steady ink flow.

Liquid Chalk Markers
Blue chalk special marker
Green Marker for Special Markers

Option Three: Scented Water Based Markers

Scented markers are both vibrant and fun. Their scents can make them perfect for students or younger children. Water based markers make them suitable for projects, butcher’s paper and flip charts. The benefit of having a water based marker is that they can easily be removed from hands and sometimes clothing with only water.

Scented marker Blue
Assorted Scent Markers
scent markers green
Black scented marker

Option Four: Sharpie Extreme

Everyone has heard of the Sharpie range of permanent markers, now Sharpie has introduced a new marker named Sharpie Extreme. This special marker has all the benefits of a regular Sharpie permanent marker – yet it offers high-contrast ink that resists fading when exposed to harsh UV rays, rain, snow and even mud. The extreme marker can also be used on surfaces including plastic, glass and wood.

Sharpie Extreme Assort
Sharpie Extreme