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How to Choose the Right Shredder

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Shredder

Shredders help protect sensitive information from unauthorised access with the disposal of documents and storage media.  There are three main factors which need to be considered when selecting a shredder. These include:
How much use will be required of the shredder?
What type of security cut will you need?
What materials will you be shredding?
By using the guide below, learn which features are best suited to you and your business.

How often will the shredder be used?

There are three different categories of shredders for an office. It’s important to choose the shredder most suitable for your needs and the needs of your office. Consider how many people will be using the shredder, how long it can continuously run for and what size office the shredder is suitable to.


Commercial grade shredders are ideal for large offices with multiple users.

  • Features 45 minute to continuous run times for non-stop shredding
  • Engineered for heavy usage
  • Perfect for print / copy areas and mail rooms where large volumes of sensitive information are located
commerical shredder


Professional shredders are ideal for individual and multiple users who handle confidential information.

  • Features up to 10 – 30 minute run times
  • Engineered for medium/heavy usage
  • Ideal for small companies or home office
professional shredder


Deskside or household shredders are ideal for individual users handling confidential information.

  • Features up to 10 minutes of run time
  • Engineered for light/medium usage
  • Designed for individual use
deskside shredder

What level of security will is needed?

Shredders can be categorised on how effectively they cut/shred the material fed into them. It’s important that you find a shredder that best suits the kind of security your business needs.


Micro cut shredder are perfect for ultimate security for highly confidential documents. Documents will be virtually impossible to reassemble and read once shredded. A mirco-cut shredder will give your business the maximum security needed to protect your company.


A cross-cut shredding style is suitable for highly confidential documents. As once shredded documents become difficult to reassemble and read. Perfect for offices A cross-cut shredder offers a higher level of security should your business need it.

Strip Cut

Strip cut shredding is the most basic level of shredding. Offering only a basic level of security for businesses. Perfect for non-confidential documentation.

Micro Cut shredding technique
cross cut shredding technique
Strip cut shredding technique

What material will you be shredding?

When considering to buy a shredder, it’s important to note how type of material you’ll be putting into the shredder. Make sure you choose an option that suits your material as well as the level of security needed for your company.

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