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Quick Reference Envelope Guide to Get the Job Done Fast

There's an envelope for every document!

envelope guide

Quick Reference

Choosing the right envelope doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Use this handy quick reference Envelope Guide to help you get those mailings out fast. Each one has a specific size and style and this Envelope Guide will help you make the best informed decision possible.

Envelope Guide

Choose Size and Folding Technique

Folding is very important to make sure your document is securely sealed inside the envelope without any loose ends and unsightly creases getting in the way.

envelope guide

Sensitive Information

Are you mailing sensitive material that requires additional protection?

envelope guide

Seal the Deal

Is the mailing job quick and easy, or tedious and lengthy?

envelope guide

Window or Plain Face?

Do you have a document with a pre-printed mailing address or do you prefer to write it in?

envelope guide


Here’s a quick reference guide for measurements.

envelope guide

Want to save even more time? Customise!

envelope guide

Cool To Know:
– X stands for oversize DL envelope to allow more documents to fit in the envelope for easier and quicker insertion.

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