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Paper Trimmer and Guillotine –What is the difference and which is best for your office needs?

paper trimmer and guillotine

The most common question people usually ask is, “what is the difference between a paper trimmer and a guillotine?” Both paper cutters have different purposes and uses, depending on the application. Some models are made to handle a small amount of paper, while others can cut stacks high.

There are also different features and sizes for both cutters, but most are equipped with a measuring system. Some cutters have self-sharpening blades and some are built durably without any need to replace the parts.

Once you have decided the type of work or projects that need to be done, it is important to choose the right guillotine or trimmer as it can be the difference between creating a professional looking presentation – to meeting your deadlines and a rushed looking job.

Let us provide you with an insight that can help you decide which paper cutter style best suits your project needs.



Guillotine paper cutters are great multi-purpose machines and are generally very accurate when cutting large quantities of paper. This type of cutter can be used for a variety of uses and purposes, from office work to crafting.

They typically come with a long blade arm that allows you to pull down for cutting materials in a downward shearing action. For business use, most professional guillotine models are designed to allow huge stacks of paper to be cut all at once and can withstand heavy usage. It generally comes with a paper clamp to minimise paper movement for precise cutting.

If you need to produce a presentation document with heavy paper thickness such as cardboard or foam board, then guillotine is your best cutting solution.


paper rotary trimmer

On the other hand, a trimmer uses a rotary blade that sits on the rail and cuts through paper from side to side. Trimmers are ideal for low volume, or thinner paper products. Trimmers are known for their precision in straight cuts and widely used for cutting photos or papers for scrapbooks and crafts.

The blade is encased in a cutting head therefore, it is safer. Having the ability to cut your prints accurately, safely and quickly, can save you a lot of time and money.

Now that you’re armed with more information you should feel confident to make the right selection for your needs. Check out the wide range of cutting systems available at ‘COS.