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Multi-Purpose Adhesives for Any Surface

'COS has the range for you!

adhesives glue sticks

Adhesives are perfect for a number of applications including everyday office projects, creative projects or mounting business presentation material. ‘COS has an extensive range available. Whatever your application needs are, you no longer need to worry about losing stickiness!


cos glue sticks
COS Glue Sticks

8g * 22g * 36g

UHU glue stick
UHU Glue Sticks

8g * 21g * 40g

UHU twist stick
UHU Twist & Glue

35 ml

cos glue tape
COS  Glue   Tape

8.4mm x 10m

superglue tube
Super Glue Tube

3 ml

UHU superglue mini
Super Glue Minis

1 ml


adhesives power tack
adhesives scotch poster
adhesives doublesided
Hopson Power Tack

75g Squares * 75g Strips

Scotch Removable Poster Tape

19mm x 3.8m

Double Sided Tape

  12mm x 33m * 19mm x 33m

   25.4mm x 33m * 12.7mm x 6.3m


adhesives restickable
adhesives foam mounting
adhesives mounting
Restickable Mounting Tape


Double Sided Mounting Tape

12.7mm x 3.81m

Heavy Duty Double Sided Mounting Tape

12.7mm x 1.9m * 25.4mm x 1.5m * 25.4mm x 1.51m


Cool To Know:
Did you know that one of the first ever created was produced from animal parts? Gelatin from hooves, hides, and bones was used for its sticky texture right up until the 20th Century.

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