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How to choose the right screen protector

3M 19" Monitor Anti Glare Screen Filter

Privacy Filters

Do you ever feel like someone is watching over your shoulder when you are working on your computer or laptop? Whether you are in the office, on public transport or in meetings – privacy screen filters are an easy way of protecting your private and confidential work. Keep prying eyes in the dark, privacy screens are blacked out from the side, but remain crystal clear to the computer user. Keep both your company’s and personal information protected with a great range of privacy screen filters at ‘COS.

Anti-Glare Filters

When you are staring at a computer screen for most of your day, you’re probably familiar with dry, red and tired eyes. You’ve probably tried most of the popular solutions; shifting the window blinds, changing the angle of your laptop or monitor in relation to light sources, adjusting the brightness of the LCD screen or even increasing the font size on the screen. However, these are only stop gap solutions to a problem that won’t go away as long as you’re spending so much time in front of the screen. Protection for your eyes is important and the short term symptoms of eye fatigue (headaches, difficulty focusing and blurred vision) can make your life difficult.  An anti-glare screen protector can help reduce glare and reflections in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Screen protectors also come with the added benefit of protecting your screen from fingerprints, scratches and damages. 

The following will help you identify which is the right screen protector for you.

Fellowes Privacy Screen Filter Blackout

  • Blacks out screen when viewed from the side, protecting your work and confidential information
  • Screen remains clear and undistorted to the user
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Protects screen from scratches, fingerprints and damage

Fellowes 13.3in Monitor Privacy Filter

3M Screen Filter Privacy – Gold

  • When screen is viewed from the side, onlookers can see a gold screen, protecting your work and confidential information
  • Gold privacy filters have 14% higher clarity than the standard 3M black filter
  • Sharper, brighter images and text for the user
  • Easy to remove and re-attach

Screen Filter Privacy 14.1 Wide

3M Anti-Glare – Available for Monitors and Laptops

  • Reduces glare, making the screen easier to see in high glare environments
  • Diffuses reflections to keep your screen clear and visible
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Protects fragile screens from damage
  • Available in standard and widescreen options

3M 19" Monitor Anti Glare Screen Filter

Anti-Glare Screen Filter Glass

  • Eliminates over 99% of glare
  • Helps relieve eyestrain when using the computer
  • Enhances image resolution
  • Traditional glass tint
  • Black frame to fit standard 16-17″ monitors

Antiglare Screen Filter Glass 16 To 17"

Use this helpful measuring guide to determine what screen protector is needed for your monitor.

screen protector measuring guide