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How To Choose A Memory Card

Memory Cards

Memory cards are a convenient way of increasing storage in many devices. There are some factors to consider before buying a memory card including; type of card, storage size, durability, and speed. The following questions will help to decide which memory card is right for you.

What type of card does my device require?

The SD card and Micro SD card are two of the most commonly used memory cards. Your device manual will outline which card is needed.

Verbatim Premium Micro SD card is ideal for expanding memory in many mobile phones and tablets. It also comes with an SD card adapter. This simplifies transferring data to your computer, because one card reader can be used for both the SD card and Micro SD card with the adapter.

How much storage do I need?

Deciding on the ideal storage size will depend on how you plan to use your memory card, whether it be for photos, videos or songs. See the table to help you identify the right memory card for your storage needs.

Memory Cards

Disclaimer: The above table is a guide only, and your memory card may fit a different number of files, based on many factors, including individual file size.

How can I find a card that is built to last?

Durability is also important when buying a memory card for two key reasons;

Prolonging card life
Reducing the risk of card breakage

Verbatim premium memory cards are water, shock and temperature resistant. They are built to last!

Did you know that your memory card could be slowing you down?

Not all memory cards are created equal. Your device may be slowed down by your current memory card. Memory cards are categorised based on a class rating. Class 10 is the highest rating, which will provide the fastest data transfer and most responsive picture taking.

If you have been experiencing some lag issues with your device, you may need to update to a class 10 memory card. Class 10 memory cards are also ideal for storing HD video and HD still photography.

Verbatim SDHC premium memory cards are class 10, and will provide a fast and reliable memory solution for your camera and other devices. Available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB sizes.

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Cool To Know: 

Regularly reformatting your memory card, will delete all items off the memory card and will also reduce the likelihood of corrupt and unreadable files.