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Corporate Event Planning – A Handy Guide

Corporate Events

Corporate events, conferences and trade shows are an integral part of any industry, and juggling the ins and outs of organising any of these events can be overwhelming. Whether your corporate event is for 10 people or 1000 it’s important to remember that your business reputation is on the line, so it’s vital you get it right. Are you feeling that pressure yet? RELAX! We’ve put together a handy guide, a checklist really, to help you plan your event and make sure that nothing is forgotten and your event is both memorable and productive.  You can thank us later. Flowers, chocolates and high fives are always happily accepted.

Find a venue

The very first thing you should do is decide on where your corporate event will be held, this will be the precursor to just about every other decision you make. Some things to consider when scouting venues would be: How many people will be attending? Is there ample parking? Is it easy to find? Does it meet your technological needs? As well as any requirements that may be specific to your event.

Choose your theme and get ready to style your corporate event

Just like with any event it’s a good idea to have a theme for your corporate “do”, this gives you a starting point and allows all elements of the event to tie in together. To choose a theme it’s a great idea to hold a brainstorming session with some colleagues to develop a short list (offer cake, that will bring them in droves). Once you’ve settled on your theme it’s time to NAME the event, choose a name that is short and sweet (make it memorable) but also gets the theme/subject of your event across so you don’t have people scratching their heads wondering what they’ve just been invited to.  Now that you have your theme and your name it’s time to get styling! Choose colours and decor to suit your theme and then, when you’re ready you can create a cohesive set of materials including name tags, goodie bags, booklets and signage etc.

Time for tech

These days the right technology can make or break a corporate event. You will need to decide what technological needs you have. Do you need a website built specifically for this event? A Facebook page? An app? Will you need to provide WiFi on the day? Don’t forget the microphones and AV equipment for presentations. And of course make sure you have all the outlets, extension cords and charging stations to suit your needs. Just a little side note here: if you decide to go with a social media strategy for your event don’t forget to create a unique hash tag/s for attendees to use when posting photos. This will help spread the word and also gives attendees a great way to connect and network with one another online. #greatidea

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Promo products

While all these points are important, in our opinion this is the MOST important. It could just be that we love free stuff but who doesn’t? This is a great opportunity to build brand awareness, while also giving a nice gift for attending. Customised gifts are an integral part of any corporate event so you will need to decide on a budget, remembering to stay with your theme and don’t forget to figure out how you’re going to distribute the gifts on the day, is there a goodie bag? Gifts at the door? On the table?

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Food & Drinks

Keeping attendees fed and hydrated is a sure fire way to keep their attention. The last thing you want is to be mid-presentation and to see your audience fading. Providing regular breaks, encouraging everyone to move around and get their blood pumping, as well as offering a bite to eat and a drink will ensure your guests get the most out of your event and go home inspired, rather than exhausted.


The quickest way to undo all of your hard work is to forget something, even something small and seemingly trivial. Make a list of all the supplies you will need for a successful event. This could include whiteboards, flipcharts, pens, highlighters, markers (don’t forget the whiteboard markers and erasers!), notebooks, flags, sticky notes etc. You shouldn’t assume that your attendees are going to bring their own supplies so it’s important to provide them. Pro tip: use our Promo service to customise pens, notebooks etc for your guests to take back to the office with them. It’ll keep your brand top of mind!

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful and good luck with your corporate event!

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