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Comsol Power Banks Keep You Connected

A Piece of Technology for Your Peace of Mind

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Power Banks are Necessary for Devices in Our Technological World

In today’s technology focused environment, we’ve become dependent on our smartphones, tablets, notebooks, e-readers, and other devices. In fact, everyone has found themselves with a flat battery, no charger in sight, and an extremely important call to make or job that needs to be done.
comsol power banks

Which One is Best for You?

power banks

2,600 mAh

Charges ONE Smartphone

power banks

5,000 mAh

Charges TWO Smartphones

With 2,600 mAh output, this device can completely charge a smartphone once before needing to be charged again.

With 5,000 mAh output, this device can completely charge a smartphone twice before needing to be charged again.

Alternatively, it can also significantly charge a tablet, and other similar devices, gaining you several hours of battery life.

Comsol Power Banks

10,000 mAh

Charges FOUR Smartphones or ONE iPad and ONE iPhone

With 10,000 mAh output, this power bank is ideal for heavy duty use.

It can provide up to 24 hours or more of battery life.

Customisable Power Banks

The versatility of power banks makes them the perfect gift for everyone.

At ‘COS® we offer customised branded power banks ranging in sizes, colours, designs and capacity – so maintain brand awareness by giving a gift with an edge.

Contact the ‘COS® Promo Team today at

customisable power banks
customisable power banks

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