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Choosing the Right Stapler for Your Office


Choosing a stapler for your desktop or mailroom may seem like an easy task, but not every stapler can handle every binding job. That is why it is important to know exactly what you need to bind, as the paper thickness, style and document size will determine which type of product is most suitable for the job.

A durable and reliable stapler can help you save money and from any unnecessary purchases for your long-term needs.

Cool To Know: In the beginning the stapler was such an unknown feature in the office that companies would buy only one. Often 500 people had to  share just one stapler among themselves.

Paper Thickness and Stapling Capacity:

An important thing to take into account is the paper thickness, which dictates the stapling capacity on how many sheets can be fasten together. Heavy-duty staplers are great for handling thicker paper or large amount of sheets. Regular small sized staplers can handle around 10-20 sheets, and if you need to staple a large amount of sheets on a regular basis, a device such as Mercury Lite Touch Heavy-Duty would be ideal as it has a 20-120 sheets capacity.

heavy duty stapler

Mercury Lite Touch Heavy Duty StaplerSTAP3128

  • High-capacity stapling has never been faster and easier.
  • 50% less force to staple at capacity.
  • Staples 20-120 sheets of paper
  • Front-load stapling with push button
  • Ease and easy jam release button saving you time.
  • Features durable diecast metal construction
  • Rubberised handle for stapling control and comfort

Types of Stapling:

Corner-stapling is very commonly used for binding documents together however, if you have a booklet, it may need to be stapled in the middle of the document. In this case, a long-reach staplers may be ideal for this task. Also, some devices were designed to staple documents in a way it’s possible to remove staple without a special remover, this is also known as “temporary pining” with Flat Clinch technology.  The Flat Clinch can also help reduce paper stacks by 30% when the staple legs are pressed flat.

Stapler Rexel Optima

Rexel Optima Low ForceSTAP3508

  • Low Force – 50% less effort
  • Flat Clinch technology
  • Jam-free stapling with Optima staples
  • Durable metal construction
  • 70 sheets capacity
flat clinch

Electric or manual:

Electric models such as the Rexel Stella and Rexel Optima products are excellent because they can staple up to 5000 times without reload and with little effort required to use. It may be more expensive than the regular manual staplers but they are very quiet and jam-free, which is ideal for the frequent use in the office .

Rexel Stella electric stapler

Rexel Stella Electric StaplerSTAP3505

  • Staples up to 5000 times without the need to reload staples
  • Clear window for accurate stapling
  • Adjustable depth gauge to 30mm
  • Easy jam-release mechanism for hassle-free operation
  • Strong metal construction with suction cap feet
  • 70 Sheet Capacity
Rexel optima electric stapler

Rexel Optima 40 Sheet Electric Stapler – STAP3506

  • Quiet performance ideal for the office
  • Experience jam-free stapling
  • Flat Clinch mechanism for neater stacks of stapled paper
  • Intuitive user control
  • LED low staple indicator alerts
  • Built-in stack height gauge and staple storage drawer
  • 40 Sheet Capacity


Depending on the amount of stapling and the materials that you will be working on, this will determine the durability of your stapler. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right stapler for the job. It is highly recommended to get a heavy-duty device for thicker stacks and tougher materials instead of a smaller plastic stapler which will wear out pretty quickly. Metal construction is far more superior and sturdier for long-term use.

heavy duty stapler rapid

Rapid HD9  Heavy Duty Stapler –  STAP3120

  • Adjustable paper stop
  • Hardened steel spring and driver
  • Ideal for copy rooms, mailrooms, and for general office use
  • 110 Sheet Capacity