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Choose the right soap dispenser

If you’re looking for a hygienic hand washing solution, soap dispensers are your go-to answer. Before buying a soap dispenser, there are a few things to consider; including the type of soap you’re looking to use and the kind of dispenser which will be most beneficial for your company. In the fastfact below all the information you will need to come to a soap dispenser conclusion is included.

Firstly, Types of soap

 Why choose liquid soap?
  • Liquid soap costs less than foam soap making it an ideal substitute for companies who have high traffic coming through and need quick efficiency.
  • It comes in a variation of scents that make it more appealing to a larger diversity of people.
  •  It can come in cartridges or individual dispensers making it easy and adaptable for whatever kind of business you have.
  • Available in moisturising formulas, ideal for frequent handwashing
Why choose Foam Soap?
  • Although liquid soap costs less upfront, foam soap will save costs long term. This is because foam soap uses less liquid to generate the same quantity of soap needed to effectively wash your hands. The way it works is the soap begins in a liquid form before the dispenser injects air into it, turning the liquid soap into foam. Thus, generating the same quantity of soap whilst using less liquid.
  • Many liquid soaps which leave behind a sticky feeling, foam soap is rinsed quickly.
  • Foam soap has less spillage and dripping which means less cleaning.

What type of soap dispenser do I need?

Closed System Soap Dispenser

A closed system soap dispenser is a wall mounted dispenser that uses cartridge refills for soap. Although this kind of system may seem to be the more expensive option on the market, it causes less mess and has less wastage. A closed system soap dispenser is not just convenient but it’s also easy to use and refill. You will easily be able to keep your soap areas hygienic, as there is no cross contamination of liquids with these dispensers.

Soap Dispenser Kleenex


Pink closed soap dispenser liquid

Open System Soap Dispensers

An open system soap dispenser can also be a wall mounted dispenser however, it uses bulk soap liquids. One of the benefits of using an open system soap dispenser is, they are cheaper and thus are often used and suited for high traffic businesses. Although these dispensers are more hygienic than bar soap, they aren’t as hygienic as a closed dispenser. This is because they are open to contamination and decanting soap into it’s dispenser can sometimes be not as hygienic. Yet, these dispensers offer excellent value, and with such an overwhelming variety, there is an appropriate option for all budgets.

Jasol Hand Cleanser for open soap dispenser
Anti-bacterial soap for open soap dispenser

Portable Hand Dispensers

Portable Hand Dispensers are great for low traffic environments and they are affordable. Portable hand dispensers are also more hygienic than bar soap because the liquid has less risks of contamination. The liquid soaps for these dispensers come in a variety of scents and fragrances, a sweet and hygienic touch for any low traffic business. They also don’t require any installation.

Portable handwash soap dispenser