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How to Choose the Right Chair Mat

Chair Mat
chair mat

Using a chair mat can help extend the life of your floors by spreading out the pressure from your chair casters. They are also a cost-effective way to protect your expensive floor coverings from wear and damage. They may also help reduce fatigue, leg and back strain by giving a better rolling surface for your chair.
At ‘COS, we have a wide variety of options in different shapes, sizes and made from different materials to suit different requirements. Understanding these attributes will help guide you to choosing the right chair mat for your office.

‘COS Hard Floor Chair Mats

hard floor mat
  • Suitable for wood, vinyl, cement, or tiled floors.
  • Protects hard floors from wear and tear caused by chair wheels.
  • Embossed base prevents moisture build-up and damage to flooring.

‘COS Carpet Chair Mats

floor mat
  •  Chairs will roll smoothly with ease and will not damage office carpets.
  •  Tough, clear, vinyl mats won’t break, crack or chip.
  •  Mats specific to carpet thickness.

Measure your Carpet
It is important to measure your carpet so that you can buy the correct mat for your carpet thickness. If you do not measure your carpet and underlay and buy a mat that is too thin, it will crack and the warranty will be void. The guide below illustrates on how to conduct a ‘Pin Test’.

chair mat pin test

Difference between PVC and Polycarbonate
PVC vinyl is the most common material found in most mats. They are softer, pliable and affordable option to protect your floors. Polycarbonates are lighter but much stronger, rigid, unbreakable and suitable with underfloor heating systems.

Types and Sizes


Cool To Know:
Chair mats have many uses aside from simply under your chair. Rectangular shaped mats which come in two sizes (910 x 1210mm and 1160 x 1520mm) are ideal for heavy traffic areas such as reception,. photocopiers, water coolers, etc.