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How to Choose the Right Battery

battery light

There are many types of battery to suit different products. So how do you choose? We will explain the basic features and uses for each battery type in order to help you decide the right one for your product.

Although most portable devices in the office only accept one size, it is important to get the right one. It can save you a lot of time from trying to find out from the product spec/manual sheet, or the inconvenience of purchasing the wrong battery, then having to replace it later.

When it comes to batteries, there are two main things to consider. One is the technology that powers the battery and the other is the shape or size of the battery, e.g. AA, AAA, C, 3 Volt, D etc. Batteries are usually divided into two categories: primary and secondary. Primary batteries are a disposable type, whereas secondary batteries is rechargeable.

battery type

The battery capacity is measured in Amp-Hour (mAH), although not all battery types can be accurately measured against each other, due to technical reasons and differing usage by the end user.

Most portable and small devices are powered by Dry Cell batteries, which includes zinc-carbon and alkaline. They have a long shelf life and ideal for low power applications.

List of commonly used batteries for office products:

AA battery

AA size is a standard dry cell battery.

Commonly used for devices such as: clocks, wireless mouse and keyboards, electric staplers, hole punchers, radios, remote controls, smoke alarms, digital cameras and air freshener dispensers.

AAA battery

AAA size is a standard dry cell battery used for low drain portable devices.

Commonly used for devices such as: wireless mouse and keyboards, labeling machines, remote controls, MP3 players, digital cameras, electric pencil sharpeners, voice recorders, small torch lights and pen lights.

C battery

C size is a standard R14 cell battery used for medium-drain applications.

Commonly used for devices such as: torch lights, digital radios, laser pointers and lanterns.

3 Volt battery

3 Volt GP Lithium cell battery is used for portable hand-held devices.

Commonly used for: calculators, watches, LED lights and key remotes.


Cool To Know:
You can extend AA batteries‘s life, and many other kinds, by storing them at low temperatures, such as in the fridge or freezer. This slows the chemical reactions in the battery, allowing it to last longer.