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How To Choose A First Aid Kit

We all know that First Aid in the workplace is a must but how do we choose the right kit? It is imperative that we comply with all national Workplace Health & Safety regulations as well as meet the requirements of WorkCover and thankfully reputable First Aid Kits follow these guidelines. The trick is choosing a kit that caters to the unique needs of your company. Here are some things to consider before making your decision:

First Aid What is the nature of the work

Some work environments pose a greater risk of injury or illness than others. For example, factories, construction sites and motor vehicle workshops have a greater risk of injury that would require immediate medical treatment than say an office or library. These workplaces therefore require different first aid kits.

Hazards for First Aid

An example of a hazard in an office environment would be overextension causing muscular strain as well as slips, trips, falls and cuts. Whereas in a warehouse or factory being hit by vehicles or being caught by moving parts in machinery is a more likely injury.

location for first aid kits

An important factor to consider is the response time for emergency services. If you are in a remote area it is a good idea to have on hand a more comprehensive first aid kit as well as somebody trained in administering First Aid.

employees for first aid

This is an important consideration as you will need to make sure your supplies cater to the number of people on site. Include any contractors, casual employees and volunteers. You should also consider making special provisions for any workers with a disability or known health concern.

What else do you need to know?

First Aid Kits should be kept in a convenient and accessible area, a larger workplace may need to place kits in more than one area.
While they can be any size or shape they should be large enough to hold all items and be able to protect the contents from dust, moisture and contamination.
Kits should be identifiable by a white cross that is prominently displayed on the outside of the kit.
All kits should contain a complete contents list. Why not consider purchasing guides or wall charts to make using the kits easier for staff.
Some First Aid supplies have expiration dates so be sure to check contents regularly and replenish any missing items from your contents list.

Make sure you check out  for more first aid kit options, along with all other workplace health and safety equipment you need to make your business safe. If you are looking for more information about WHS check out our WHS FastFact. It will give you all the Workplace Health & Safety information you’re looking for.