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How To Choose The Right Binding Machine For Your Office Needs

binding machines

Invest In The Right Machine

All documents are bound for several reasons, depending on your office or business specific needs. Whether you just need to bind several pages of document or presenting your high-end look documents or brochures to your business customers, you will need a suitable binding machine that can do the job.

There are different types of binding machines with different specifications that you need to know prior to purchasing one. In this way, you do not spend money for a binder that either unable to handle the capacity and binding strength, or specifications that far exceed your requirements and end up being rarely used in practice.

Take a look at our simple binding machine guide below to help you decide:


Large Office

Large office binding machines are designed for high-volume. With the wire binding method available with the Rexel and GBC models, users insert punched pages onto a “C” shaped spine and then use a wire closer to squeeze the spine until it is round. Documents that are bound with wire binding will open completely flat on a desk and allow for 360 degree rotation of bound pages.

Rexel F/Line CWB406E Comb/Wire Elec Bind

Rexel F/Line CWB406 Comb/Wire Manual Bin

Fellowes galaxy E 500 Elect Bind Machine

Fellowes galaxy 500 Manual Bind Machine

GBC Multibind 230E Comb/Wire Elect Bindr

GBC Multibind 230 Comb/Wire Manual Bindr

Medium Office

Medium office binding machines are designed for regular use. The binding method uses round plastic spines with 21 rings (for A4 size) and a hole puncher that makes rectangular holes so the book lies flat, but cannot be opened 360 degrees.

Fellowes Quasar E 500 Elect Bind Machine

Fellowes Quasar+ 500 Manual Bind Machine

Rexel Flowline C356E Comb Electric Bindr

Rexel Flowline CB356 Comb Manual Binder

GBC Combbind Binding Machine Elect C450E

GBC Combbind Binding Machine BMC340

Small Office

Small office binding machines are ideal for limited access and occasional use. These compact binders are compatible with plastic combs only, but make easy work of document preparation.

Rexel Simplybind CB256 Comb Manual Bindr

Gbc Combbind C150 Comb Manual Binder


Cool To Know:
Comb binding machines not only punch through paper, but can also punch through clear paper, laminated paper, card stock and poly covers.

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