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5 Ways to Maintain Health & Focus at Work

Health at work

Below are 5 simple ways you can maximise your physical health, mental clarity and workday productivity:

  1. Hydration

If you find yourself struggling to concentrate at work, mild dehydration could be part of the problem.  The human brain is made up of 75% water so if you’re rushing from one task or meeting to another without taking the time to hydrate, your concentration levels could suffer.

You will have heard that health professionals recommend around 8 glasses or 2 litres per day and as well as helping you to maintain concentration, other benefits of staying hydrated include boosting your immune system and preventing headaches.

Water for concentration
Yaru water is sourced from below an ancient volcano in northern NSW.
  1. Counting Breaths

Of course the internet has a stack of suggested yoga poses you can practice at your desk, but are you really likely to break into a downward dog pose amongst your colleagues? We think not, but if there are yoga-esque desk exercises you do, then we’d love to hear from you! We’ve researched a few suggestions and we like the simple “Counting Breaths” technique, which is something you can quietly do anywhere at any time, to give yourself a little peace and tranquillity.

Start by taking a few deep breaths to relieve tension from your shoulders and begin to focus on your breathing slowly and quietly.  Then to begin:

  •  Inhale and exhale, counting “one” to yourself on the first time you exhale and count two the next time you exhale and continue counting consecutively on each exhale for 5 counts.  Repeat the cycle for as many times as you wish!
  1. Hand Stretches every 2 hours.

An ergonomic mouse, such as the Microsoft Sculpt pictured below is designed to provide you with a more natural, comfortable grip to prevent repetitive strain which can lead to chronic pain. You can also try the following simple stretches a few times a day.

  • Extend your arms to the side or over your head and draw up to 10 circles inward and outward through the wrists.
  • Follow this by spreading the fingers and closing your fists, repeating this 5 to 10 times to release any remaining tension.
Ergonomic Mouse
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse Black
  1. Healthy snacks to encourage necessary breaks

Research shows that short breaks during the work day are beneficial for our health and sanity. Healthy food not only fuels our body to be the best it can be, but keeping nourishing snacks such as fruit and nuts on hand in your workplace, encourages people to stop and refuel in order to maintain focus and productivity.

  1. Humour can be functional in the workplace

Finally, we’ve all heard that laughter is a great medicine, but research conducted by Sydney University found it’s also quite functional in the workplace… “humour was not just a way for employees to relieve tension and make work more enjoyable through moments of playfulness, it was also actually functional. It directly addressed the tensions that people experienced”. So remember to maintain your humour during times of work stress and allow yourself to laugh with your colleagues – at appropriate times of course :).